Q & A Webinar: Travel Industry Leader Burt Kramer Answers Your Questions!
"What It Takes To Become a Successful Travel Agent with Luxevo Vacations"
WHEN: June 20th at 7:00 PM ET

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Burt Kramer is the Chief Visionary behind Luxevo Vacations, a revolutionary travel company whose mission is to facilitate the success of Travel Specialists. His people-focused vision for Luxevo Vacations came from spending over 20 years in the travel industry watching dozens of host travel agencies neglect their travel agents, causing them struggle to acquire leads and fail to maintain lasting relationships with their clients. Burt also saw the travel agents who flourished, and noticed that they all had a few key things in common that made them exponentially more successful than their colleagues.   

With these observations and a vision to revolutionize the travel industry, Burt left a travel agency that he started in his dining room and built to be one of the top travel agencies in the United States and started Luxevo Vacations. In his webinar, he shares the key strategies and insights that will help anyone, whether they are new to the travel industry, have just a little bit of experience, or are seasoned veterans increase their sales, give them more time to pursue their passions, and experience the freedom to travel the world.  
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