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what we're about
Over the last 17 years our team has worked with thousands of people who for the most part had no prior experience or training in travel and yet we helped them build fun and profitable home-based travel businesses, helping people research, plan and book vacations.

Our team has developed a turn-key business system that allows you to be able to start and run your own travel business from wherever you have an internet connection. Once you join our team, we provide you access to our proprietary Luxevo Vacation Resource Center (LVRC), where you will find everything you will need to get up and running as a brand new Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialists. 
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Comprehensive Training
As a Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist, we believe that you should be just that; a specialist in this very lucrative all-inclusive vacation package niche. That doesn't mean that you can't train on and sell other things, but our goal is to get you to the point that you feel very confident in our niche first. Then, you can begin to explore other types of travel to offer to your clients.
training Topics
  • How to become a "True" Travel Specialist 
  • ​How to qualify your clients and create the perfect vacation experience
  • ​How to effectively book travel
  • ​How to use Funjet Vacations to craft vacation packages
  • ​How to maximize your commissions
  • ​How to easily manage bookings and follow-up
  • ​Comprehensive lessons on Travel Insurance & Compliance
  • ​In-depth resorts training 
  • ​How to sell romance travel packages such as weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries
  • ​How to market yourself online 
Marketing Training
  • ​ How to build a dynamic online presence
  • ​ How to use our digital branding assets
  • ​ How to gain clients through social media
  • ​ How to create original content to increase your reach online
  • ​ How to use Facebook advertising to generate quality leads
3-Day Training Intensive
One of the BEST ways to start on the right foot is to attend our extremely popular 3-Day Training Intensive in our Bradenton, Florida offices. This optional (but highly recommended) training is a great way to learn the most vital topics in a classroom setting with your peers and the home office team from Luxevo Vacations. Here are some short videos to show you why you don't want to miss this!

Familiarization (FAM) Trips
These are "education vacations" where our travel specialists are able to visit our top resorts and top destinations to see and experience first-hand what we are offer to our clients. Luxevo Vacations encourages all of our Travel Specialists to attend at least one FAM Trip each year.  

how commissions work
When you join Luxevo Vacations, you will receive 80% of the commission earned from bookings.
To better explain this, let's show an example...
Say you booked a 7 day all-inclusive vacation to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. The total price for that will average about $3800. Since this is a vacation package, we will use 21% as the commission rate (see chart below). The commission paid out on this trip would be $798.
With Luxevo Vacations' 80/20 split, you will receive $640!
Because Luxevo Vacations is a top producing agency, we receive the highest commission rates in the industry!
Luxevo Vacations Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Start and Run Your New Travel Business!
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Cancellation and change penalties may apply to any travel arrangements booked. Details will be provided upon request.

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