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It’s been said that it really doesn’t matter what type of business you get into, as long as you are selling something that everybody wants and loves. If it’s got those things, then you don’t have to worry about bothering people trying to get them to buy something that they don’t want or need. Travel fits this perfectly.
Think for a minute about what people are posting on Facebook and Instagram, right. It’s pictures of their travels. Family travel, couples getaways, honeymoons, group trips! People love showing off where they’ve been and where they are going next. 

Our Luxevo Vacations Travel Agents are able to sell all types of travel. That includes, cruises, vacation packages, tours, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, theme parks, car rentals, and even excursions. We also work with all of the top travel companies worldwide. These are companies like, Sandals & Beaches, Disney Royal Caribbean, Hertz, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines, Hard Rock Resorts, Hilton, Hyatt, Nickelodeon Resorts, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Palace Resorts, Secrets & Dreams Resorts, Princess Cruises and hundreds more companies like these.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a travel agent, someone that helps people to plan and book vacations to exotic, sunny destinations - this may be the ticket you have been looking for! If this is you, then we’re looking forward to having you on the Luxevo Vacations Team!
Working with Luxevo Vacations
Our team has been working in the travel agent space for over twenty years and we’ve worked with thousands of people just like you to help them become successful and fulfilled home-based travel agents. Over the years, our team has put together a turnkey business system that includes everything that you need to start and run your own travel business with Luxevo Vacations.

This includes all of the initial and ongoing training, access to real travel agent tools and booking engines, our commissions manager that enables you to keep track of your leads, clients, their bookings, and your commissions. Every Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist is also provided with their own email address and our exclusive 3CX phone app and extension. We know exactly what you need to stand out as a successful travel advisor, and we include all those things in our program.
Here's What you Get!
  •  Train at your own pace
  •  Start Booking Travel Fast
  •  Earn Top Commissions
  •  Set Your Own Hours 
  •  Train at your own pace
  •  Start Booking Travel Fast
  •  Earn Top Commissions
  •  Set Your Own Hours 
Luxevo Vacations Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Start and Run Your New Travel Business!
Many people that decide to join our team already have a fulltime job and are looking for something that gives them the freedom and flexibility to work their travel business around their already busy schedules. This includes being able to train when they are able to get the time. As such, all of our training is On-Demand, and accessible 24/7 through our Online Learning Center. The training includes a combination of things including video, hands on homework, our Study Hall Webinars, New Agent Orientation Webinars, Supplier Webinars and even live in-person training like our extremely popular 3-Day Training Intensive and our exclusive FAM Trips. 
We will also give you access to our Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist Private Facebook Group. This is our community of travel agents who gather here to help and support one another, but also share ideas and strategies!
We will also give you access to our Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist Private Facebook Group. This is our community of travel agents who gather here to help and support one another, but also share ideas and strategies!
training Topics
  • How to become a "True" Travel Specialist 
  • ​How to qualify your clients and create the perfect vacation experience
  • ​How to effectively book travel
  • ​How to use Funjet Vacations to craft vacation packages
  • ​How to maximize your commissions
  • ​How to easily manage bookings and follow-up
  • ​Comprehensive lessons on Travel Insurance & Compliance
  • ​In-depth resorts training 
  • ​How to sell romance travel packages such as weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries
  • ​How to market yourself online 
Marketing Training
  • ​ How to build a dynamic online presence
  • ​ How to use our digital branding assets
  • ​ How to gain clients through social media
  • ​ How to create original content to increase your reach online
  • ​ How to use Facebook advertising to generate quality leads
3 Day Training Intensive
One of the BEST ways to start on the right foot is to attend our extremely popular 3-Day Training Intensive in our Bradenton, Florida offices. This optional (but highly recommended) training is a great way to learn the most vital topics in a classroom setting with your peers and the home office team from Luxevo Vacations.
As a continuation of your training, we host our exclusive Luxevo Vacations FAM Trips several times a year. “FAM Trip” is short for Familiarization Trips. These are “education vacations” specifically to give our travel agents the opportunity to visit top destinations and see some of the best resorts in places like Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Aruba. There is nothing like getting to experience first-hand exactly what your clients will be experiencing. These are perfect for seeing the rooms, bars, pools, beaches, restaurants, and spas of multiple properties in a single trip. Agents also use this as a chance to take dozens of pictures and videos to bring back and share on their Facebook Business Pages.

An example of  a recent FAM Trip to Margaritaville Island Reserve in the Riviera Maya in Mexico was just $350 per person + air fare. 
Listen, everybody likes “free stuff” and getting the VIP treatment. That is especially true for our travel agents. Chances are that you’re considering joining our team because you love to travel and you’re looking for a way to travel more. As a Luxevo Vacations travel agent, there are a number of ways to travel for free or at reduced rates. Obviously, the more that you book, the more perks and free nights you can earn. For instance, our preferred supplier Royalton Resorts has an exclusive travel agent rate that enables you to experience their amazing resorts with your companion at unheard of prices. Sandals & Beaches on the other hand, has their “Points to Paradise” program where the more Sandals & Beaches bookings you make, the more points you earn towards your own stays. This alone could mean thousands of dollars in savings, and these are just two of many travel agent incentive programs that are available to our team of travel agents.
Luxevo Vacations Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Start and Run Your New Travel Business!
How Commission Works
How Commission Works
When you join Luxevo Vacations, you will receive 80% of the commission earned from your first bookings.
* Our Premium Plan offers an 85% commission payout!
When you join Luxevo Vacations, you will receive 80% of the commission earned from your first bookings.
* Our Premium Plan offers an 85% commission payout!
When your clients work with you, they are not paying additional money to use you as a travel agent. In fact, the commission is paid by our travel suppliers and NOT your clients. Most consumers don’t realize it, but all travel companies build 10-20% into their prices for sales and marketing expenses. So whether they book that 7-Night Carnival Cruise directly with Carnival (online or over the phone), Travelocity, AAA Travel or with you… they pay the exact same amount. So when your client books with you, Carnival pays us that commission for doing the work and booking that passenger. So, if it costs the exact same amount to have you book their travel and be there to advise and guide them - why wouldn’t everyone want to work with you! Commissions can vary based on the type of travel and the specific travel supplier, however, they will generally fall into the below ranges.
Our agent Deborah recently booked a 7-night honeymoon at El Dorado Casitas Royale and stayed in an infinity pool suite. The total vacation package was $5,176. Due to that hotel being one of our preferred suppliers the commission rate was 21% for a total commission on this vacation of $1,087.00. 
Since Luxevo Vacations pays out a full 80% of the commission to our agents, in this example, Deborah earned $870!
Not bad for around two and a half hours of work, right! By the way, we pay out commissions every other Friday by way of direct deposit. Another agent, Candice, booked her clients on a 6-night Western Caribbean cruise on NCL for $2,855 and she received a commission of $342.60.
Because Luxevo Vacations is a top producing agency, we receive the highest commission rates in the industry!
Luxevo Vacations believes in providing Travel Specialists the resources and tools to be successful. Everything starts with access to our Luxevo Vacations Resource Center (LVRC) which is our proprietary intranet where you can access everything you need to start and run your new travel business. We realize that many of our new travel agents have other full-time jobs and commitments. Our technology allows our Travel Specialists to be able to work their new travel business around their busy schedules.
The tools you will have access to include:
  •  The Luxevo Vacations Resource Center (LVRC) 
  • ​Our Booking Manager and CRM, TESS
  • ​Over 50+ personalized landing page
  • ​A business class email address (
  • ​Access to your own IATAN & CLIA Travel Agent ID Cards (when qualified)
Our goal is to make sure your focus is on selling travel, not worrying about marketing. Luxevo Vacations Marketing and Branding has been carefully curated by a team of creative and marketing experts so you don’t have to. 
Luxevo Vacations Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Start and Run Your New Travel Business!
Phenomenal Support
As a Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialists, you can expect to receive support from day one, and every day after. We always make it easy for you to be able to get the answers to your questions when you need them. 
Ways we support our Travel Specialists include: 
  • Access to training content that is updated daily
  • ​Weekly live Q+A sessions
  • ​A community of other Travel Specialists with the same goals as you
  • ​Access to one of our Luxevo Vacations Training Coordinators
  • ​Technical Support Team
Our Programs
Joining Luxevo Vacation is easy. Your toughest decision today is which membership payment option to select. Next, we'll direct you to a brief online form to complete. Once you hit the submit button - we go to work. You'll be directed to set up your access to our LVRC where you will go through our on-boarding process and get access to our initial training modules. We will also invite you to join our private Facebook group for our Travel Specialist where you can meet your peers and get support. 

Remember, our team has worked with thousands of new travel agents and we have this down to a science. Our goal is to have you up and running within the next 24 hours. Throughout the process, you'll have access to our team to ensure your success. 
Luxevo Vacations Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Start and Run Your New Travel Business!
Here's what our travel Specialists are saying:

Antonia, Travel Industry Novice Turned Travel Specialist

“Burt has a lot of knowledge of the travel industry and is very insightful. I have learned a lot from him since I started working with Luxevo Vacations. His program definitely benefits anyone who is interested in working in the travel industry.”

Wesley, Travel Industry Veteran and Established Travel Specialist

“I have been in the travel industry for close to 10 years, and have followed Burt from the beginning, and have had the privilege of being a part of his newest venture, Luxevo Vacations. The approach he has taken with Luxevo Vacations is incredibly people-focused and absolutely revolutionary. This program has the exact same, people-friendly feel while providing you over a decade’s worth of knowledge boiled down into a bite-sized easily digestible, interactive experience. Whether you have been in the industry for 10 years or 10 days, you are going to walk away with a new focus, and world of life changing information."
Do people actually use a travel agent to book their vacations?
Yes! In fact, since Covid began in early 2020, the demand for travel agents has increased significantly. More and more travelers are seeking the guidance and help from our travel agents to help them navigate changing protocols around traveling.
Can I really make money as a travel agent with Luxevo Vacations?
Absolutely! Unlike some businesses where you have to find dozens and dozens of customers every month in order to make ANY money, it’s not uncommon for our agents to earn $200, $400, $800, even $1,200 or more on a single booking.
What type of travel can I book?
Luxevo Vacations agents are able to book all types of travel, including ocean cruises, river cruises, vacation packages, all-inclusive vacations, tours, rental cars, hotel stays, theme parks, honeymoons, destination weddings, excursions, and airline tickets.
What travel companies do you work with?
Luxevo Vacations works with the industry’s top travel suppliers. These are companies like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Disney, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Expedia TAAP, Carnival Cruise Lines, Avis, Sandals & Beaches, Palace Resorts, RIU Resorts, Hertz, Princess Cruises, Funjet Vacations, Delta Vacations, Southwest Vacations, United Vacations, Travel Impressions, Apple Vacations, Classic Vacations, Vacation Express, CIE Tours, Globus Tours, Norwegian Cruises, Hard Rock Resorts, Iberostar Resorts and dozens and dozens more!
How do the commissions work? Can you give me an actual example?
Luxevo Vacations has some of the top commission contracts with our travel suppliers. Generally, the average commission is around 10% of the total travel cost, but it can be as high as 21%. Excursions, car rentals, and domestic hotel commissions will range from 5% to 10%, however vacation packages and cruises can be as high as 21% with the average around 15%.

Example: Let’s say that you book your clients a five night stay at Iberostar Grand in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. The total package price including non-stop charter air with Funjet Vacations is $2,800 and the commission is 15%. In this example, the total commission is $420 and we payout 80% to you, or $336.
Can I get discounts on my personal travel?
There are a few ways to get discounts on your personal travel or vacations. First, you are able to use our travel agent resources to find the absolute lowest pricing and then we pay out 100% of the commission back to you. You may also be able to get “travel agent rates” on some types of travel. Generally these are the lowest rates available, but they are non-commissionable. Finally, as you book travel using our preferred travel partners, you can earn free nights stays. The more you book, the more free nights you can earn.
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Cancellation and change penalties may apply to any travel arrangements booked. Details will be provided upon request.

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